Our Vision

 “Build and create everlasting houses where your happiness grows with secured and comfortable atmosphere – we do not do something unbeneficial for our clients.


As you can see in the historical temples and shrines in Japan showing the durability for hundreds of hundreds years because they were built by natural pure materials. We use, not only the natural materilas for our housing constructions but also computerized technology to increase accuracy and to bring strength out of woods for houses to have the houses everlast for hundreds of years.


Trees breathe. Trees have capabilities and one example is to adjust humidity which brings the house beneficial points including less condensation that is also a cause of pests and mold. We would like to work with this amazing natural material with abundance of capability to offer you a relaxing and healing and sick house syndrome free safe atmosphere for your lives by using their beautiful natural forms.


Houses build by trees can be considered as not strong enough for earthquakes. Actually it IS quite strong against even big earthquakes if the foundation of the house made appropriately. We first measure the strength of land itself before construction to ensure its quake resistance. Second, we implement the strong foundation to achieve durability and security by realizing the true strength of wooden constructions using Graphics, SG, KS construction methods. It is our way to provide safe houses to our customers.


Japan has number of seasons and humidity and the temperatures between those seasons and its locales i.e. north to south should be quite different in Japan. Trees have grown in the specific location and know everything about the local weather, it can be a strength of being used in that specific area. In Miyazaki, forests/woodland accounts for approximately 76% of the land of Miyazaki. Regular cultivation of trees from there leads to create the better environment. We use cedars and cypress cultivated in Miyazaki to build natural material houses as well as contributing to bring the better environment to society by providing thouse houses with reasonable pricing.


Custom-make house to suit your preferences, lifestyles, hobbies and place where you live with our Architect. We take the weather, temperature, natural causes in Miyazaki or other specific locations by measuring the amount of the sun light, direction of the light and wind during a day or in a season, etc to create one specific house for you and suitable for the place where you live to satisfy you by bringing out its best potential to live together with nature.


We first calculate and measure the directions of sun and prospected wind strength and directions before our construction to consider them as a strong factor to live with nature and deciding allocation of rooms in accordance with your preferences. We also set twice higher standard than energy saving standards (C value) to realise warmer winter and cooler summer by achieving our standard of airtightness. This also prevents temperature differences from some places in a house such as bathroom and protect causing condensation.


We create a project team for each project, private study group to increase our potential to provide better houses, and complete audit from third party before title your name as house owner for you to make the comfortable circumstances for you to be an owner of your dream house.